Today’s cannabis consumer wants to know that the products they buy have a minimal impact on the environment. Whether you produce, manufacture or market cannabis, minimizing your impact on the environment means you’re doing good while also differentiating your product for environmentally-aware consumers.

Differentiate your brand with eco-friendly cannabis packaging and solutions.

The Bis team is continuously researching and developing eco-friendly packaging and other solutions with the goal of making cannabis production, marketing and distribution more ecologically sound. Our Health Canada compliant cannabis packaging contains less plastic, and more paper, cardboard and other eco-friendly materials.

Our background in the industry allows us to innovate across the entire cannabis life cycle, developing compliant, eco-friendly packaging and other solutions that minimize your environmental impact and differentiate your brand.

Differentiate your brand and keep your product fresh in our patented recyclable cardboard-based cannabis containers. As with all our packaging solutions, ask us to apply Health Canada compliant branding, design and labelling to your environmentally friendly containers made from recycled materials.

Together, let’s green your business. Contact Bis.