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When it comes to bringing your product to the Canadian market, the label is everything. It needs to serve the dual purposes of making your brand stand out to consumers, while adhering to strict Health Canada regulations. No small task, and one you can’t afford to get wrong.

Label your product to spark interest and comply with Health Canada regulations.

It takes more than a design firm to create labels for the Canadian market. It requires a team that understands the consumer, the market, and the subtleties of complying with Health Canada regulations. Bis has got your covered. We’ll design, print and ship your labels, or we can ship your packaging pre-labelled.

We’re specialists who understand how to design labels for consumers and Health Canada alike. Ask us to design, print and ship your labels, or ship your packaging pre-labelled.

It takes more than a label to build your brand and meet Health Canada regulations. Rely on Bis to develop safe and compliant product packaging. And ask our design team to develop a brand that resonates with consumers and complies with Health Canada regulations.

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